For the past year, the Tucker A. Francis Fund has worked closely with Tabor Academy faculty to provide two endowments for students to attend Tabor’s REEF Program. In donating today, all proceeds will go directly towards our goals of fulfilling these endowments and keeping Tucker’s generosity alive and well within the Tabor community. Separately from the endowment, all proceeds raised from the Tucker A. Francis Fund Store go towards other aspects of our fund such as event planning, creating new T.A.F.F. merchandise, and running our website. If you would like to become more involved with other aspects of the fund please reach out and let us know, there are many ways to donate and advice is always invaluable!

If we exceed our base goal excess funds can, at the discretion of the committee, be used to support students attend other enriching experiences.  As Tabor provides a number of fantastic opportunities for cultural immersion and experience through global service trips, study abroad programs, theatre exchanges, and senior projects, the Tucker A. Francis Fund wants to continue to help students on and off the water. Please continue to help us through fundraising and spreading Tucker’s story so we can broaden our horizons and influence just as Tucker did.

The Fund's Future!