About Tucker

Tucker was a fun-loving and adventurous guy. If he wasn’t on Tabor Academy’s turf fields as a captain of the varsity lacrosse team, he was spending time building and flying drones, playing guitar, riding his motorcycle, or cooking fabulous meals aboard the SSV Tabor Boy. Everyone knew Tucker as an excellent leader and student, but he never failed to remind his friends and family that he was one of the goofiest people ever. Through embracing his youthful and spontaneous personality, he brought joy to those around him. Tucker also lived for the ocean. After sailing around the world with his family in the sixth grade he developed into a excellent sailor, wakeboarder, kite-boarder, diver, and swimmer. While excited for his future at Santa Clara University and wherever else his travels would bring him, Tucker never forgot to be grateful for what he already had; caring friends, incredible experiences, and an outstandingly kind and loving family. Tucker lost his life in an unfortunate snorkeling accident in the Virgin Islands. While it saddens us that he is gone, we know that he was having the time of his life doing what he loved. 

“To me, Tucker was always the person I wanted to be with when I was upset or did not know how to handle a situation. Tucker would always help me reach a solution and restore my faith that everything was going to be okay. He would always help me realize how minuscule and irrelevant my problems were on the grand scheme. Tucker has helped me realize that laughing, talking, and hugging a close friend can make any situation seem less daunting. So anytime you feel yourself struggling, remember how important it is to laugh and smile - Tucker will always be smiling along with us.

-Cailyn Garber '17